Friday, February 26, 2010

Poporn and rain.

Tonight I was lucky enough to go to the Suns game with the lovely Kristin Breinholt! We weaved our way through down town Phoenix and found our way to the arena quicker than expected. Don't worry, we got polish dogs before we even made it to our seats. Then we get to our seats and find ourself squeezed in two different sets of people. Next to Kristin was a little lady who was a little sassy and kept kicking Kristin's purse. Then on my side was a relatively attractive guy about our age who smelled really good - unfortunately he was a Clippers fan. No thank you!

I must also tell you that we were sitting in the row that backed up to the little suites that the fancy people go to. Well the sweet right behind us was full of little boys getting hopped up on Mountain Dew and Pepsi. All I hear is heyyyyyy!! gimme some pop tarts or DEEEEE FENCEEEEE DEEEEE FEEEENNNNCCEEEEE. Naturally, at some point in the second quarter, bam, a bowl of popcorn falls allllll over me. Kristin laughs, and the attractive good-smelling guy next to me gives a little charming laugh too as he notes my situation and tries to make me feel less awkwardness with his good smellingness.

Then fourth quarter rolls around and I find myself feeling as though I am under some sort of water misters. I'm thinking, is anyone else feeling this? why is there water spraying on me? Ugh those little boys are at it again!!! But then Kristin starts to feel it, and I'm like ummmm thats water falling on us. Then the goodsmelling guy next to me says he feels it too - so naturally we all look up to see water straight up falling from the ceiling onto us. Of course.

Thats not all though!! We got to see the lovely Mike Jones with his bachelor party! WOO! They were just gettin so out of control up there...ha okay not in a bad way though. The Suns dancers even came up and told them they were the Suns Bobsled Team cause of their fancy beanies! But I just want to say thank you Joey for inviting Kristin and I to our first bachelor party!!

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