Thursday, January 20, 2011

stimulating conversation.

Somehow, it the 2 minutes it takes to drive from the elementary school to the house, Garrett, Gage and I engaged in quite an interesting conversation. It all started because they were asking what I would do if my boyfriend cheated on me. I said I would slap him...and they proceeded to discuss the best way to slap - and the best place to ... punch?

Garrett: Gage, if there was a guy robbing a bank and he was re loading his gun, where would you hit him?

Gage: uhhh... hmm... I would probably just get my nerf gun and shove it up his butt. 

Garrett: What? No, Gage, where would you hit him?

Gage: I would just shove my nerf gun up his butt.

Garrett: Man, people always say they would hit them in the balls or something, but you gotta go for the throat. Hit em in the throat and they won't be able to breath...

Thank you boys - always - for entertaining me in moments like this with your infinite wisdom regarding such important topics...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

word of the day.

In my most recent reading, I have learned something new about this word. The ability to believe is something that is implanted in the hearts of all individuals. And it is planted there by divine decree. To believe in something is more than just thinking it in your mind. To truly believe involves possessing the belief in your mind, your heart, and in your actions. Essentially, "beliefs are born of thoughts; they are then expressed in words; and, finally, they are manifest before mankind in works".

What a refreshing new insight on this word that is so commonly used. It doesn't matter if someone says they believe in something - what matters is the reality. If one truly believes, then such beliefs will be manifest in their actions.

There are so many things to believe in... what do you believe in?

Monday, January 17, 2011

the pogo stick incident.

It's the middle of the afternoon and naturally, I am taking a nap in my bed. 
The door bell rings. 
Brody comes in my room. 

Gage fell off the pogo stick. He is hurt.

I find myself slightly worried or something for my little Gagey -
 a relatively foreign emotion for me.
I make my way down the street of the neighborhood...
slightly ashamed because I am in pajamas with wet hair.
everyone in Gilbert is always so glam...
except for me. oops. 
I find Gage laying on the side walk clutching his arm.
A pool of tears below his sad little cheeks.

Gage, what happened buddy?

He glances back to his friends, Someone...tell her what happened. 

No Gagey, you tell me what happened. 

I fell off the pogo stick and hit my arm really bad.

Okay buddy, lets see. Come on, get up and lets go home.

I cant.

Did you break your legs?


Okay, then you can walk...


So, now we walk back to the house. His elbow is scratched from the sidewalk and it is a little bit red.
However, he is clutching it as if it is about to fall never know - it just may.

Okay Gagey, go and sit in my bed and lets put some ice on it. 

I walk to the kitchen and grab a bag of frozen fruit. 
I come back in my room, he is curled up in my bed under the covers watching football highlights on my ipod.
Oh, look real comfy there Gage..

Okay buddy, lets put this under your arm. 

He weakly lifts his little arm as I place the frozen fruit under it.
Maybe ten minutes goes by...

Gage says Okay, I think this is good. 

Yes yes of course. Let me get that for you bud.
Umm, can you put this on it for me?

Out of nowhere, Gage hands me an enormous ace bandage. 

Oh yes absolutely bud, good idea..this will help keep the swelling down.

I wrap that tiny little arm of his in the enormous ace bandage. 
30 minutes goes by...

Well, my arm feels better already. I dont even think I need this anymore.

I take the ace bandage off.

...good as new little guy. good. as. new.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well, I can officially say that I am now an ASU Alum! And, of course I have a story to go along with this long awaited college graduation. 

Most responsible young adults like to go to bed early, make sure they get all the rest they need and really be prepared to attend their graduation ceremony. Despite the fact that my graduation ceremony was at 8:30 in the morning and I am the absolutely worst morning person in America, I did not go to bed early. Instead, I stayed up watching Harry Potter till 3:00 am, then decided I needed to shower so I could have clean pretty hair in the morning. Then, the next thing you know, I am waking up at 7:15 when I need to leave my house no later than 7:30 to be at Wells Fargo arena on time. 

So, what does this mean? Well, it means I brush my teeth, throw on clothes, and throw my still wet hair into a sloppy side bun. I arrive at the parking lot, hustling to the arena all by my lonesome in the freezing cold Arizona morning. My hair is still wet and I come to notice that I am literally the only girl in my entire graduation ceremony that has their hair up. oopsies!!

However, despite my inevitable tardiness, the graduation ceremony was a huge success. And by success I mean I didn't trip and fall on my face in from of everyone! And I was so happy to have my mom, sister, and Grandma Grace fly out all the way from Massachusetts to support me...also we hit up US Egg after the ceremony for some breakfast :)

just enjoying the post graduation moments.

us waddell ladies...

grandma grace and sara grace :)

general excitement

and my overall attitude regarding ASU in general...haha

And finally, I cannot mention my graduation without noting my incredible graduation party. My mom and my "other moms" and family members all put together the best graduation party I could have asked for! It was so cute and "classy" and just the best turn out! Delicious food that all sorts of people contributed too, and of course some yummy treats that my lovely Jenny Holmes contributed. 

such lovely lighting to set the mood...
lets just say that Shelley Walsh really knows how to host a party :)

thanks to the homies for coming out to party..ha

a Waddell party is never complete without the appearance of Grandma Waddell

I would like to say that little Logan Breinholt had the most fun of all...

Even my old roommate from the dorms came to party with me! 

Bests forever...

Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this entire college experience and I am just so happy to be it is time for the real world....