Saturday, March 20, 2010

The pretty red house on winter street.

I have been spending the second half of my sprig break on the east coast visiting my lovely mother and sister. I absolutely LOVE going to my mom's house - it is the prettiest red house on the street!

The house was built sometime in the 1800's. Based on the little plaque on the front -1830. Houses on this side of the country are beauiful. They aren't like the boring, square stecco situations in Arizona.

The inside is SO pretty. It is super old, but still has normal luxuries of modern-day living like a dishwasher and running water, dont worry! But in the kitchen area is a well - its all covered up now, but it is so cool to just look down into it through the clear glass covering it. There is even the original bucket situation hanging above it!

Can you imagine dipping that bucket all the way down to the bottom of the well just to get a little drink or wash your hands?! thank you!

The ceilings and fireplaces are probably some of my favorite parts about this house. Last summer I met a lady that actually grew up in this very house. She said that her dad had a little inkling that there were beams in the ceiling, so one day he just started smashing through it! Luckily he was right - I dont know why but I am just obsessed with them. They add so much to the style of the house. And the pretty, old fireplace!

Finally, the house supposedly had soem secret little tunnels. Sadly, they dont exist in their entirety anymore. Instead, we store papertowels and such were they used to be. (Ya, its a little creepy storage space but you can see where is was sealed off with the bricks!)

Sadly, these pictures definitey dont do this place justice. It is my new favorite house! And my mom and he brothers are even re-building the barn in the back. No, there wont be any animals in there. I think it will end up being more like a club house - I'm shootin for a ping pong table and a lovesac, but who knows. :) It should be done by summer time! Just in time for my next trip back!

The best part is the spiral staircase inside that leads up to the loft. I am so amazed at my moms and uncle ability to build things like this!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot dogs, nachos and gatorades.

Kristin and I have two of the coolest bosses in all of America. And luckily, they trust us to do all sorts of tasks. Tonight, one of those tasks was manning the concession stands at the Highland Baseball Tournament. Manning the concessions during the 4 to 8 shift is no walk in the park my friends. There is a point around 5:30 where there is just a fatty dinner rush. And lemme tell ya, that’s when the hotdogs go flyin out the window!

This is how it went down – I manned the window, took orders, and dealt with the cash flow. Kristin had the gloves on and stuffed hotdogs into buns, put pizza slices on plates, microwaved and salted pretzels, and various other food handling chores. Things got so wild in there that she actually tossed me Gatorades and waters as they triple backflipped through the air from her hand into mine. We were on fire.

During the dinner rush I’m pretty sure every team member made their way to our classy little establishment in between fields. We had around 20 hot dogs already cooked, wrapped and warming under the heat lamp. BAM. Five minutes later, theyre gone and we may or may not have served a coldish hot dog or two…until one lady came back and asked us to put it in the microwave for her.

Kristin's hotdog station...she wasn't about to run out of hotdogs again...

All I really have to say is that concession stands are a lot more complicated than I thought. I respect the workers and what they do. They provide delicious meals and treats for dedicated sports fans – and they do so in a friendly and efficient manner. So next time you take a walk to the nearest concession stand for a hotdog, nachos or crisp, cool water bottle – be grateful.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What does Spring Break mean to you?

Many people would consider today to be the first official day of Spring Break. I would agree, but I often consider my freedom from the shackles and handcuffs of school to begin on Friday afternoon mere seconds after I leave my last class. Unfortunately, due to my lack of good fortune, I welcomed Spring Break with a surprise case of tonsilitis. Yes, tonsilitis. Thursday was a rough day that lead to an even rougher night. By Friday afternoon I was leaving the doctors office with my simply horrible diagnosis. Of course I started off my Spring Break right. It's my last one ever - so I may as well do this right. No quick flights to Cabo or hurried road trips to Rocky Pointe. No need to board a cruise ship or hit the slopes. I have been glued to my couch watching TiVo with my dad consuming only toast, top ramen, and sprite for the past few days.

But ladies and gentlemen, let the fun begin. Because I think today is the last day I am going to stay locked up in this casa. I'm ready to give Spring Break the welcome that it deserves....

...thats why I only cleaned my room today. And am going to work tomorrow morning. And have a Shakespeare paper to write. And another paper to write after that. Ya baby...thats what Spring Break means to me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is this some sort of sick joke..?!

I think someone is playing a really long, drawn out, and somewhat rude joke on me. So here is the story...are you ready for it? If you were at Mike and Ashleys wedding...I'm sure this will just be a nice and entertaining recap of what you witnessed...

So, the wedding party was introduced promptly at 7:15. For once in their lives, Mormons showed up to something on time as the reception started at 7:00. Everyone gathered around the dance floor to watch the lovely bridal party be introduced. Each of us had these genius ideas of how to walk out there with style. My dashingly handsome companero and I decided we were going to do a little leap frog situation. We practice a few times, on and off the sport court turned dance floor. It was a little slick, so we hoped we wouldnt have to do it on the sport court. So I poked my little head out to take a peak and assess the situation only to find that we would have to do our little trick on the sport court. I scurried back to Avery and in a minute state of panic told him we should make some last minute changes. He assured me that he was confident he would do just fine with his leap frog. And me, being the trusting woman that I am, just went with it.

When the time came, I squatted down like a little princess and anxiously awaited his leap... moments later I find myself crashing forward onto the ground. Please refer to Exhibit A.

Exibit A. What should've happened compared to what actually happened.

Instead of oooooh, ahhhhhh, and the lovely and joyous laughter from the reception guests, our little stunt was filled with the standard oohhhhh mannnn's and daaaaaaaangs from the guests. But, we handled it gracefully. There was a quick recovery and a lot of laughter from me and Avery. He apologized a trillion times and I just laughed it off as always . I felt worse for all the guests that talked to me after...I'm sure they were just thinking mannn this poor girl got tackled, in a dress, in front of everrryyyyone. Ha, in moments like that I wish they would just burst out laughing and just address the elephant in the room! Anyways...I got a little boo boo after the..."incident" Refer to Exhibit B.

Exibit B: My little boo boo.

One would hope that after getting tackled at a wedding reception in front of literally every single guest that was in attendance, that would be enough awkward/embarassing events for me in one weekend. But NOPE.
Today I was sitting peacefully through church, just mindin my own business and listening attentively as my fellow ward members got up to bear their testimonies. The end of the meeting was approaching, and I suddenly had a little inkling that I needed to get up there and say a few quick words. So, I made my way to the front row and sat down, planning to go up next. The current speaker was done, so I made my way up and she made her way down. Then my wonderful friend Sam, who was sitting behind me, whispered sara! and pointed towards the stand. I just looked back at him like, whaaat? I know silly, I'm walking up to the stand. Duhhh thats what you do when you want to bear your testimony. I also found myself thinkng please dont let my skirt be stuck in my tights. pleeeeeease dont let my skirt be tucked into my tights....
At this point, I'm already half way up the steps to make my way to the stand. So, I turn around to find that Katie is already standing at the pulpit waiting for me to stop causing such a ruckus so she can bear her sweet testimony. OH! So THATS why Sam was calling my name...he was trying to prevent me from an awkward moment... at least my skirt wasnt tucked into my tights... I gotta be grateful for that.
Too bad there is just no hope for me. Can someone stop playing this really long, mean joke on me? Enough is enough....haha. Ladies and Gentelman these are the Stories of Dell. Thats what this is all about, right?

Backyard wedding...a lovely night.

Ash and Mikes wedding was aboslutely adorable!!! The Backyard theme turned out soo beautiful and I was just obsessed with every little detail! Honestly, this was definitely one of the funnest wedding receptions every!

These were the cutest an most perfect bouquets ever!

She has the most gorgeous bridals. Props to here adorable photographer too!

Cute little lemonade packets for the party favors. 75 cent lemonade, anyone?!

Ash's cousin scrapbooked the cutest guestbook ever!
Such a cute and simple cake.