Monday, February 28, 2011

i need pants.

It's Saturday morning.
7:43 am.
Gage taps on my door
(that I always keep locked)
I roll off my bed to open it up
hey gagey.
whats up
nothing. sleepin. im really tired.
ya, me too.
I'm all back curled into my bed within seconds of opening the door
I assume Gagey just wants to grab something
perhaps some of my socks
or maybe he left his shoes in here last night
there is a tug on my comforter
Gage is climbing into my bed
scooting under the covers
he is the big spoon now
arms wrapped around me
my sweet little cuddle bug

oh shoot.
I am instantly awkward.
I was so tired last night.
I threw on an XXL tall tee
no pants.
Gage is the big spoon.
I have no pants on.

Let's just say that'll be the last time that happens.
I can lock my door all I want.
But I'm not even safe in my own room with no pants.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Did I tell you I had two gerbils?
Well, I had one, and my sister Julie had the other.
Chewy was mine. Black Beauty was hers.
Chewy had to live in a fish tank.
Well, look at that name of his.
He chewed through everything.
Plastic tubes. Those running sphere thingys. Nothing could stop him.
One time he escaped - he was gone for 3 days.
I found him behind the freezer.
Chewy!! Your'e alive!
He bit my hand so hard.
Blood...everywhere. Thanks lil' guy.
Then we got that fish tank.
No more breaking out of that sucker.
His "toys" were wooden blocks.
He probably ate one a week.
It was freaky.
Eventually he died.
Probably from wood overdose.

Black Beauty.
She was black - clearly.
Nothing too great about this lil rodent.
One day she was just chillin in the doll house.
Moments later she collapsed at the top of the stairs.
Later Black Beauty.
That was the end for her.

I'm glad I shared this with you.
Gerbils are freaky.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I got to sleep in till 10 today (surprisingly this has been a rarity for me lately). 
The kids got home at around 2:40. 
Gagey has his final zoology project due tomorrow.
Poster time.
What are the differences between squirrels and chipmunks?
Well, I now know the answers to that question... but I will spare you the details. 
I think my name has been yelled throughout the house about 27 times this afternoon. 
By all four children.
So much screaming. 
Xbox game playing.
Fighting to get homework done. 
The two youngest recently learned some not so great phrases today.
One of them is "shut the fudge up". haha
Well, great.
That one is going to need to be nipped in the butt right away.
I am tired. 
My patience is running exceptionally thin with them today. 
I hate it when that happens. 
No worries though, I love my boys. 
...even if they are absolute chaos. 

...guess I should stop hiding and head back downstairs...

wish me luck

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my valentine.

My Valentines Day this year was not showered with romantic affection by a significant other. However, my Valentines Day was still spent with some of the people I love the most - focusing mainly on this beautiful woman below:

Grandma Waddell. My 102 year old grandma! Yes, you heard me, this black haired beauty is one hundred and two years old and looks not a day over 82, right?!

Oh real quick, let me note the box of chocolates pictured above. Grandma loves chocolates. I promise you, she would eat that whole thing. Oh wait, too bad her grand daughter left the chocolates upside down and in the car so all of them were melted and stuck to the lid. I scooped one of with a spoon and fed it to her though.. don't you worry.

Anywho... a friend and I went to visit grandma at her nursing home to share a little valentines love with her. Let me just highlight a few moments from that day and really paint the scene for you.

We walk to her room to find it empty - head to the nurses station and ask where she is. Oh, she is probably in the cafeteria! They are having a little party in there! Fantastic. A Valentines Day party...I am so down. We walk in to the cafeteria to find a room filled with old people and some sort of old fashioned music blasting. I mean this may be a bad joke, but everyone looked dead. Nobody was talking, moving, nothing. I am appalled, why are they not partying at their big party?!

What do I see next...? If you guessed a wrinkly diva old lady with a red sequenced shirt on with a microphone in hand belting out those old jams singing passionately into the face of one of the fellow party goers then you are right! This is exactly what I saw. ...that explains why everyone was so quiet. There was a star performer roaming between tables belting out classic love ballad impersonations.

What a fantastic way to party...however we were lucky to arrive just as the party was ending. We then proceeded to take grandma for what she calls "a ride". A ride entails me pushing her around in her wheelchair throughout the hallways and then most likely heading out to the patio for a little chillin time. What was the best part of our ride, you ask?

Traffic jam in the hall. Some sort of medical cart situation to the left. A resident in their wheelchair to the front - using their feet to scoot through the hallway - entirely unattended - 4 feet ahead of us. Clearly we can't really say anything to a slow old person. But wait, a fellow old person can. Suddenly we hear grandma say beep beep!. Thank you grandma for using your sweet little voice car horn situation to settle that problem.

Lastly, I cannot finisih this posting without mentioning grandma's roommate. Who is she? Well, she is a 80 something old Mexican lady who does not speak a word of English. She also is not afraid to hit the nurse people that come to help her. Oops. Poor guy just wanted to help her go to the bathroom - but he has to get slapped and just withstand the slew of Mexican jarble that gets thrown at him from this old lady. bah!

Ah yes, it was a happy day. 

A happy happy valentines day for sure. 

Friday, February 11, 2011


My room is messy today. 
I do not want to clean it. 
I did laundry on Monday, and my clean clothes are still in the baskets. 
Actually, I am not even sure what is clean and what is dirty. 
Looks like I will just wash them all over again...
good idea right?

I'm ashamed of myself. 
ha okay not really at all. 

It happens to the best of us...

happy weekend homies. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

i miss my babies.

So things are pretty aggressive with the snow out there in Massachusetts where my mom, sister, and my two little babies live. Honestly, I am not even worried about mom and Julie - I tell my mom nearly every day that she is lucky Julie lives there with her and not me because I would not scoop one teaspoon of snow out of that darn driveway. Nope. No way. I am not down for that. Call me high maintenance or a baby or a brat or whatever you like, but that just isn't my cup o' tea. (I will scrub baseboards with a toothbrush for 10 hours straight before I stand out in the winter wonderland and shovel snow at 6 am)

Anyways, my main concern is my two little princes..Nashy and Max. They got shaved right before they left so they were skinny little fur less boys with no winter coat to protect them. I am happy to hear that their fur is growing back and they are absolutely loving the snow out there! However, there is so much snow that my mom had to shovel a huge circular path in the back yard so they can go outside and to their business. She says she has carved out about 1/8 of a mile path that just loops around the yard and the boys go crazy out there because they are so obsessed with the snow!!

Ugh, I wish I was there to have an insane snowy photo shoot with my little boogers, but luckily I woke up this morning with two splendid picture messages from my mom...yes, they almost brought tears to my eyes...

 hahaha oh my gosh, they are just the cutest little guys living the dream!!

Nashy looks like he has a giant black beard... 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

things I like...and don't like

I like when..

"my kids" are being good boys.
my worst boy, Garrett, all of a sudden becomes my best
my ipod is on shuffle and the spanish version of hero by Enrique comes on
I get to write something on my desk calendar
I cross something off of my todo list...even if its an extremely tedious thing that probably shouldn't have been on my list to begin with
Gage says "I love you" to me when I drop him off at Scouts
I get new shoes
the weather is like this...sort of

I don't like when...

I go to Chick Fil A and they are out of Chick Fil A sauce
when I realize I put my yogurtland in the fridge and not the freezer
my room is freezing cold in the morning
I drop my phone at least twice a day list of don't likes is shorter than my list of likes...