Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I was recently criticized about my blog. Okay, well not my blog in particular. But this, shall we say, "critic", commented on the way we just throw words into our blogs, don't read them over and they are just bleh. I wasn't offended by this criticism. I was just...embarrassed. I am an English Literature major. I mean, my specialty should be writing and all that. Hmm...I am going to work on this. I'm not saying I am going to outline and make several drafts of my blogs like they are some essay to be graded. But, I think I should put a wee bit more effort into it, eh? 

We shall see. I have lots to blog about after my 15 day New England adventure and with everything else that has been going on this summer. Once I decide what stories to tell, I will put my efforts to work. 

Until then...