Friday, November 26, 2010


Nash got into some dip on the kitchen table...thanks Nash for being a good boy and showing off for the family...

Monday, November 22, 2010

im out.

Well, I am headin out of here! I leave in the morning for a lovely 8 day trip on the east coat. I fly into Boston tomorrow and spend a couple days in Massachusetts with my mom and sister, and Wednesday morning we shall make our way down to Washington D.C. to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I am incredible excited for this little getaway - however I am getting anxiety about having to take Nash on his journey to live with mom in Massachusetts. I just tried cramming him into his little travel case I bought at Wal-mart the other day and that wasn't going over so well. He may not even fit very well - and he has never been in a kennel in his entire life. I have a feeling this isn't going to work... uh oh..

Regardless, I cannot wait to be on the east coast, visit DC again and take tons of pictures of all the incredible sights. Perhaps I shall even have some spare time to sit in my sweats by a fireplace and really do some legit updating of this blog... :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

my deepest desires.

Right now, I am feelin some pretty deep desires brewing throughout my being.

The first of these great and marvelous desires is the desire to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1.

I am currently re-reading the final book of this glorious 7 book series and I cannot get enough of it. In case you were unaware, I am obsessed with quite a few have learned that I love Minnie Mouse, and I am sure you know I love brownies...and now you know that I love Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter and I am NOT ashamed of it. I am a devout fan and I will confess something to you right now...I dressed up for one of the midnight book release parties at Barnes and Noble. Accept me, please...?

In this moment, I ask one thing of you, whoever you are reading my this: 

You guys, I don't think you understand it. I mean I get soo excited when I watch that trailer. I think I may even get a little bit of anxiety over it because it is just so intense. Do you have any idea what is going on here in the 7th movie?! 

Harry is going to find horcruxes so he can finally defeat Voldemort!! He is on a quest to free the wizarding world of this evil evil monster!!

Okay, wow. Sorry, I need to calm down a little bit. Just had to get all that off of my chest.... and yes. I plan to see this movie at midnight in the IMAX. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I asbolutely love love love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays...right up there with Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and of course, Christmas. So basically, I love all the holidays. :)

Some things that get me super pumped about Halloween are costumes and pumpkin carving. Today, I shall focus on the pumpkin carving

Willy and I went to a quaint little pumpkin patch down the road from my house at a little church situation. There were tons of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, and it was tough to make a choice. However, we eventually found our dream pumpkins...and of course as we were paying I had to throw in an extra dollar to snag this little guy...

He is just so precious...

At first I was struggling with what to carve on my pumpkin...Willy knew pretty quick what he wanted to do, and I am ashamed to admit I didn't come up with my idea as quickly as I should have. However, it came to me - Minnie Mouse. Sadly, there was no printer so we were forced to test our skills and relied on google to provide us with our images. From there, we sketched them onto some paper and went from there... 

And here is my little Minnie...

All lit up...with a bath and body works candle...

Willy is by far the most devout Seattle Supersonics fan in the world...this whole layout was pretty tricky - and he definitely was "too strong" for our cheap tools because by the end of the night they were all broken. 

Pumpkin carving is just so fun - despite the nasty pumpkin smell and all the slimey goop and seeds you have to dig out of the pumpkins... It is all soooo worth it when you turn out the lights and light up your pumpkins and see that they look this goooood babayyy...

Happy Halloween!

Monday, September 20, 2010

requests or whatever you call em.

I would like to meet baby Logan soon...please hurry and come. We are all so anxious....especially me.

If somebody could please bring me 63 more boxes of those chocolates from Tiff and Jay's wedding, I would really appreciate that.

Homework, please stop being so lame. You are so tedious and time consuming and I just don't want to spend time with you anymore.

Apartment - please find yourself. I do not want to go hunting for you one single bit.

Also, house - please pack yourself.

Mother nature, please cool this stupid state down and let summer end and fall begin. I am sick of sweating all the time.

Groceries, go buy yourself.

Alright, that is enough for now.


Monday, September 13, 2010

duty, call of.

I discovered a new passion of mine -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Okay, I don't really enjoy playing Call of Duty...but I like to watch it being played. And more importantly, I enjoy wearing the headphones while Willy plays.

Why do I enjoy wearing those uncomfortable little headphones?! 

Let me tell you...
 - People get so incredibly angry when they get killed or lose. Call me crazy, but I think people shouting obscenities and ridiculous things is hilarious.
 - Willy is really good at it, so they all think they are getting beat by me - a girl.
 - For some reason, they think I am the hottest thing since Pam Anderson because I am supposedly really really bomb at this ridiculous video game.
 - A little too often than I expected, we came across what I liked to call a "Justin Beiber" player. This entails a boy probably about the age of 12 that thinks he is the sexiest and best thing that ever happened to the world. Those little guys say things they should not be saying at that young age...and they are a little bit mean and hurtful.
 - One guy started calling me "sweetheart" and "baby cakes".
 - That same guy proceeded to ask me if I had a phone..then asked for my he could send me a picture of himself. ....don't worry! I didn't give it to him...sheesh. 
 - By the end of the night, Willy had about 8 friend requests and 2 messages from other Call of Duty player boys.

And the number one reason...
- Part of the magic of those headphones is they also have a little microphone...which means I can talk to them as well. And ya, maybe some of that talking included telling them how much they suck when they lost and how they were big babies because they were getting beat by a girl. And ya, maybe my words got them a little riled up and made things that much more entertaining for is what it is! :)

***Disclaimer - Call of Duty is not for the sensitive or easily hurt person. Call of Duty players may have extremely foul mouths and say ridiculous things. Only play Call of Duty Live via XBOX if you can handle such treatment. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i am happy.

I met with my advisor today - I am right on track to graduate in December.

I was in San Diego a couple weeks ago.

The color of the nail polish on my hands right now is purple

Christina and Blythe were in Arizona last week.

I work with one of my best friends...Kristin its guaranteed I see her at least twice a week.

I went to Bahama Bucks tonight...and there was no sugar, calories or carbs in my yummy treat. 

Yogurtland currently has a blood orange tart flavor right die for.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, I just wanted to let you guys know what has been going on lately. I dropped my phone the other day - got an even bigger crack across the screen than the first big drop. Then a few days later I dropped it again. Then a few hours later it just stopped working. It was pathetic that I was having withdrawals from my phone. I just got my new one in the mail this evening. 50 bucks later and the insurance company sends me a new one...I lasted a whole 60 or so hours without my phone. Then I go to plug in my replacement phone...what do ya know! It wont even charge. So much for that... I am still somewhat phone less. 

Did I tell you my car window doesn't roll up or down? Thats been going on for a while now - but I wasn't sure if you knew. My dad taped it up for me so now I don't randomly have to attempt to wedge it into place with my palms while driving down the freeway. Oh and my radio stopped working. It actually doesn't even turn on. While driving around town I am just left with my thoughts...which aren't always the best things to be left alone with... but we get by alright. 

I had a dream I had the ability to control spirits and stuff. I could make people morph into animals. It was pretty intense...and kind of scary. 

I was doing my friends a favor and climbing up on the freezer at the grocery store to check out the flavors on the top shelf...and then they shoved me in and closed the door behind me. Yes, I was inside the freezer in the ice cream aisle...jealous?

Julie's birthday was today. We went to dinner the day before. I drove to three different Dairy Queens to find the right size birthday cake then took it to the restaurant so they could put it in their freezer and it would be a complete surprise when they busted it out with candles after dinner. I go home to get ready for dinner and Julie walks in and shouts "Sara, look what I got!!" ....she bought herself a birthday cake. Cool. Way to ruin the surprise and my life. 

My cousin tried to steal my ipod. I thought it was safe when I left it at my uncles...two weeks later I go to retrieve it before our road trip to cal only to find that it had been stolen, the music replaced, then it was un stolen, and the music was wiped and returned to me de-musiced and de-cased. Standard. 

I spilled an entire bag of reeses pieces in my wasn't the worst part of my week, but it also wasn't my best. 

Thats enough for now...I don't want you to start feeling bad for me or something ridiculous like that...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

the lovely bride to be.

This weekend was Tiffani's bachelorette party! Wow, has the time really come?! I definitely know that Tiff did not expect these past two years to fly by so incredibly quickly, but there did. Justin is coming home in three days and it is time for these high school sweethearts to finally get married! Ashley hosted such a fun bachelorette party and we had a delicious dinner at Sushi Roku! Lets just say a lot went down at this fancy little restaurant...

First off, Tiff was looking like a smokin hot bride to be and her maid of honor Ash Mash was looking prettyyyyyy sassy as well!

Mrs. Katie Nelson ordered some pretttyyy fancy potstickers - look at that little basket!

Tiff was so impressive with her courage in completing so many of the dares her lovely friends made her do!!!

This guy was just great....happily married man and a happy happy happy bride to be!!

There was also that time when we turned around and found Kelly sitting at the bar all by herself....we quickly found that she was just getting herself a sugar free red bull!! Duh!!

Our pimped out ride around town...haha 

Leather and Lace Ladies

Overall, I am pretty excited for my Tiffbiff02...only 13 more days until her and Jayshady09 are sealed for all time and eternity in the San Diego Temple!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Craigslist is a place millions of people turn for all sorts of things - sofas, tvs, bikes, jobs, nannys, the whole sha-bang. It is a world full of personal ads and...creepy stuff. I recently thought I may need to find a second I, like many others, turned to craigslist. I went to the jobs sections, found some positions that I felt I was highly qualified to fill, and sent a brief email with my resume attached. Let it be known that each position I applied for was for an office assistant or administrative assistant. Shortly after sending out my resumes, I received a few emails back.... lets just say these did not seem like the most promising jobs. I received 3 emails back, but since they are so long, I will just share some highlights that the lovely Katie Nelson found the most amusing - mind you, these are  direct quotations from an email...

1.       “various independent projects”
2.       “It has affected me in a way”
3.       “being hired on a personal level”
4.       “see how well we fit in”
5.       “official packages” (eek…drugs?)
6.       “making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf”
7.       “instructions and following them”
8.       “I may come at you impromptu sometimes”
9.       “irregular timings”

In addition to this email, I received yet another that provided a company name - FCP Group Ltd. Go ahead that company. Or you know what, I'll do it for you...

This link basically tells you that this is a scam. It then proceeds to provide a copy of the exact email that was sent to me, warning individuals to stay clear of this fake company.

Standard procedure really. I would try to find a job on craiglist like millions of other individuals and what do I get in return? Just a bunch of freaky scams! Meh...oh well. Luckily I am completely happy with my current job and just don't even need a second one anymore!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dr. Seuss Baby Day

For the past couple of months, Kristin's mom, sister, Cat and I have been planning Kristin's FIRST Dr. Seuss themed baby shower! It has been such an exciting and lengthy process and the day of the shower finally came - yesterday! Throughout the past months, many emails have been sent, there have been several little planning meetings, and for Cat and I...a lot of scrap booking and crazy crafting.

We were constantly on the search for new ideas and all sorts of colors and other crazy things to "Dr. Seussify" things! The shower was a big success and Cat and I were very pleased with the results!


Our first project was to create a guest book for everyone to sign at the shower... 

We weren't afraid to make a bit of a mess and get a little crazy... but here is the final product:

Cat and I also had the opportunity to make our very first diaper cake!!

Now introducing....THE HORTON HEARS A WHO! DIAPER CAKE!! (Those little blue pom poms surrounding the cake were the biggest complication...)

Our main concern was making sure the majority of the decorations and such throughout the party were practical. We didn't want to be wasting money on all sorts of things that Kristin would never even use! So, one day we show up for a little meeting at the Jacka household and Terrie busts out tons of little goodies to use as center pieces! With all of the incredible things Terrie bought, Cat and I did our thing to transform the goodies into Dr. Seuss styled center pieces...

In honor of "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" we put rainbow goldfish crackers into little fish bowls on some of the tables!

Each basket of gifts that Terrie put together had a little theme - bath time, poopy time, nap time, and more!

Our boss, the incredible and magically creative Jenny Busby created this masterpiece!!! This was pretty much the best part of the entire shower...

When things were pretty much put together on Friday, Cat and I were concerned that it was a little too...white. We wanted more COLOR involved. So, Kellie Cat and I made our way to party city for a few more additions: giant punching balloons and confetti!

I think these balloons added a good amount of color...thank you Kellie for getting high up there on the ladder and risking your life to make this place look good!


Kellie slaved away and made soooo many cute cupcakes. She baked them ALL, and decorated the fancy little blue and chocolate ones!

Its so hard to tell in this picture, but in those blue ones it says "Logan"! Adorable!

We found a cute idea on another blog for these Thing 1 Thing 2 cupcakes with cotton candy as the was a little more difficult than expected. And within an hour all of the cotton candy withered away...oops!

For food we served yummy chicken salad sandwiches, some veggies, and green devilled eggs!

Just some delicious jello cups that go along with the red, white, and blue theme that Dr. Seuss loves so much :)

We played just a few games at the shower...but one of Kristin's other "must haves" was baby olympics! This involved each table to take a diaper off a baby/stuffed animal, powder its booty, put the diaper back on, and then chug a baby bottle. Lets just say this was quite a hilarious and rigorous activity...

Naturally, our mommy-to-be destroyed the bottle chugging...

Therefore, this team became the official baby olympic GOLD MEDAL WINNERS!!


It was so fun to sit back and watch Kristin open all of her cute gifts! Logan got hooked up for sure and will have an adorable nursery and be pretty much the best dressed little boy! 

Overall, I would say that this was a huge success! Now I am ready to just meet this little guy...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Birth Control?

I am an office assistant. Well, I was an office assistant but my job has morphed into a sort of nanny/office assistant/personal assistant miracle worker. Okay, not really the miracle worker part – but all of the other titles are accurate. My lovely boss, Jenny, and her husband just recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary last weekend. Because of the special occasion, Jenny and Malcolm decided they deserved a little night to themselves! Well, what would they do with their 4 rambunctious boys?! Naturally, I would take care of that.

It is Saturday afternoon at about 3 pm as my dad drops me off at the Busby home (yes, he dropped me off because my car was broken. Duh). I arrive at the house and find that Jenny and Malcolm are still preparing to leave while trying to make sure the boys are all set for the next 24 hours. Gage wants to go to Sun Splash, Corey wants to do what all 15 year old boys want to do – just go off with his friends, Garrett wants to see a movie with his friend who actually had to go home, and Brody is just peacefully upstairs trying to decide what shirt to wear. Finally, the parents and Corey leave. Down to 3 – Brody (14), Garrett (11) and Gage (9).

The rest of the night was as follows:
Dave and Busters
Just Sports
Cold Stone (with a few fits and many punches thrown)
Car ride home – “101.5. 98.3. TURN IT UP! NOOO CHANGE IT! 104.7. 20 XM. 101.5. NO. 98.3. no 101.5”
Heard the eff word on 101.5 while the volume was at its highest – disappointing
Return home
Card Games
2 boys asleep on the couch, one in a bed with the dog and the other in his room with the TV on

The next morning was as follows:
Wake the boys up at 6:30
Breakfast burritos for the boys
Sacrament meeting at 8:00 (we weren’t just on time – we were about 10 minutes early baby)
Gage bears his testimony – FIRST
Gage farts on Corey during other testimony
Gage comes into nursery to “check on me” 6 times
Return home
“Saaaarrrrraaaaaa….I’m huuunnnngry”
More breakfast burritos and bagel bites
Movie time
Lots and lots of wrestling
Brody makes his homemade donuts – smoke fills the house
Gage makes cinnamon rolls
Gage cuts hair off Lucky’s tail and throws it in my face
More wrestling
Punching and yelling
Video games
I sneak away upstairs to lay down
Wrestling on top of me and in my face
Gage farts right in my face
Finally….we all fall asleep
I wake up
Two boys peacefully asleep by my side – who even thought they could look so tranquil?!
Finally – the parents are home.

Job well done. Exhausting. Wild. Out of control. But, so fun. So great. So precious. Again, exhausting. Out of control. Their mom says they are my greatest form of birth control right now… I think she just may be right about that.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I was recently criticized about my blog. Okay, well not my blog in particular. But this, shall we say, "critic", commented on the way we just throw words into our blogs, don't read them over and they are just bleh. I wasn't offended by this criticism. I was just...embarrassed. I am an English Literature major. I mean, my specialty should be writing and all that. Hmm...I am going to work on this. I'm not saying I am going to outline and make several drafts of my blogs like they are some essay to be graded. But, I think I should put a wee bit more effort into it, eh? 

We shall see. I have lots to blog about after my 15 day New England adventure and with everything else that has been going on this summer. Once I decide what stories to tell, I will put my efforts to work. 

Until then...

Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in a Sacrament Meeting at the Westchester Care Center - pretty much an old people's home. We do this once a month, and every time my heart is filled with love as I briefly speak with each of the sweet little old ladies that we roll into the small, humble chapel to partake of the Sacrament. Today, as I was sitting in the chapel waiting for our service to begin, I was just soaking in the whole situation. The three old ladies that don't really speak English so they mumble to each other in Spanish and one randomly blows kisses at me every couple minutes. Then there is the woman falling asleep in her wheel chair, just chillin. As I make my way down the row of the six or seven woman, I focus on the final two. And as I am watching them, one woman reaches her arm out to the other and says "I love you." 

I don't know what exactly t was, but I think it was just the way this old woman held her friends arm and looked into her eyes and genuinely said those three words. Her heart was so pure and full of genuine Christlike love. It made my heart hurt and yearn for that feeling of love. That is the love the Christ feels for us and this sweet old lady exemplified it so powerfully. It was such a tender moment and made my Sunday!

I always notice the pure innocence of children as they are much closer to the Savior and His love. Just as children, the elderly are so full of wisdom and pure, Christlike love. I am grateful for the opportunity to see these people once a month and to feel of the Spirit they possess - I so often take it for granted! And...honestly,,,they are just so dang cute!! :)

I took this picture a few years ago, but thinking of those old ladies today reminded me of these precious women enjoying a delicious lunch together on the beach in California. Oh the beauty of best friends!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

brief complaint.

My phone is a piece of junk. Approximately every 5 minutes, the screen goes black and it remains black for indefinite periods of time. Sometimes it'll be 2 minutes, sometimes it will be 15. I have to just sit and wait for it to come back on, and if not then I take out my battery and restart it. Oh and no worries, the restart takes a good 7 minutes or so. This makes me unhappy...and annoyed. 

I had a lovely dinner tonight. But sadly, I walked out of the restaurant to find my front left tire completely flat. Why do these things happen to me?! So my car is still sitting in the parking lot of NYPD pizza and at some point tomorrow I will have to go deal with it in between the 230983 other things that must be done. Oh my.

Anywho, that is my brief complaint. I am okay now - it's nigh night time - I just had to get it out of my system. Thanks for listening....ha

Saturday, June 12, 2010

roady trip.

I'm a vagabond. I think thats safe to say, ya? And because of my vagabond-ness, as I would call it, I take random trips. Like this past Sunday when my friend Willy and I picked up and rolled on over to Cal for less than 72 hours to go to Six Flags and live the dream. Such an epic trip. 

Six Flags - woooo weee. We got there right before they opened and I was horrified when I tried to bring my bag of pretzels into the park and the guy checking my backpack said NO!! And when I embarrassingly asked if I could eat some before he made me throw them away, he bluntly said "um no, unless you want to go outside the park to eat them" and then proceeded to chuck them into the trash. What a jerk. Once in the park, we decided to go to the greatest ride first: X2. OH MY GOSH. Best decision ever. 1. Because it was soooooo awesome. 2. as we left the ride the line was soooooo long. Pah. Suckas!! 

Since I didn't take any pictures this time around...I will have to refer back to my first Six Flags trip ever for a reminder of the aftermaths of X2:

hahahah this type of reaction is a good thing...I promise!

After X2, no rides could compare. BUT they were still awesome - mainly because there were pretty much no lines. We got chocolate covered frozen bananas...OH MY GOSH. Best invention ever. Sadly we made a poor decision to go on Deja Vu. If any of you go to Six Flags, steer clear of this ride. The 3 roller coasters we went on after Deja Vu were horrible because Deja Vu ruined us and then we ended up bailing on Six Flags by 4:00. HA. But still, very successful day. Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture as Six Flags. I know, soooo not like me. 

I took about 12 pictures the whole trip...I'll use a couple of them to explain the rest of the time in Cali...

We rode our bikes around Balboa Beach and took the sketchy little ferry to Balboa Island!

Our sweet cruisers - guess which ones mine?! 

This is the epitome of "beach cruising".

I can't get enough of California. And bike riding. And Willy made me fall in love with Latino music this trip. I mean we all know my desire to be Latina and speak Spanish, but I may or may not even be listening to some Latina music right now as I write this blog...ha

Oh how I love road trips...and i am anxiously awaiting my next vacation - only 17 more days! :)