Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Craigslist is a place millions of people turn for all sorts of things - sofas, tvs, bikes, jobs, nannys, the whole sha-bang. It is a world full of personal ads and...creepy stuff. I recently thought I may need to find a second job...so I, like many others, turned to craigslist. I went to the jobs sections, found some positions that I felt I was highly qualified to fill, and sent a brief email with my resume attached. Let it be known that each position I applied for was for an office assistant or administrative assistant. Shortly after sending out my resumes, I received a few emails back.... lets just say these did not seem like the most promising jobs. I received 3 emails back, but since they are so long, I will just share some highlights that the lovely Katie Nelson found the most amusing - mind you, these are  direct quotations from an email...

1.       “various independent projects”
2.       “It has affected me in a way”
3.       “being hired on a personal level”
4.       “see how well we fit in”
5.       “official packages” (eek…drugs?)
6.       “making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf”
7.       “instructions and following them”
8.       “I may come at you impromptu sometimes”
9.       “irregular timings”

In addition to this email, I received yet another that provided a company name - FCP Group Ltd. Go ahead guys...google that company. Or you know what, I'll do it for you...

This link basically tells you that this is a scam. It then proceeds to provide a copy of the exact email that was sent to me, warning individuals to stay clear of this fake company.

Standard procedure really. I would try to find a job on craiglist like millions of other individuals and what do I get in return? Just a bunch of freaky scams! Meh...oh well. Luckily I am completely happy with my current job and just don't even need a second one anymore!

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