Sunday, August 15, 2010

the lovely bride to be.

This weekend was Tiffani's bachelorette party! Wow, has the time really come?! I definitely know that Tiff did not expect these past two years to fly by so incredibly quickly, but there did. Justin is coming home in three days and it is time for these high school sweethearts to finally get married! Ashley hosted such a fun bachelorette party and we had a delicious dinner at Sushi Roku! Lets just say a lot went down at this fancy little restaurant...

First off, Tiff was looking like a smokin hot bride to be and her maid of honor Ash Mash was looking prettyyyyyy sassy as well!

Mrs. Katie Nelson ordered some pretttyyy fancy potstickers - look at that little basket!

Tiff was so impressive with her courage in completing so many of the dares her lovely friends made her do!!!

This guy was just great....happily married man and a happy happy happy bride to be!!

There was also that time when we turned around and found Kelly sitting at the bar all by herself....we quickly found that she was just getting herself a sugar free red bull!! Duh!!

Our pimped out ride around town...haha 

Leather and Lace Ladies

Overall, I am pretty excited for my Tiffbiff02...only 13 more days until her and Jayshady09 are sealed for all time and eternity in the San Diego Temple!!!!


  1. looks like it was a fun night! haha I like the aim names at the end.