Tuesday, May 24, 2011

meet pascal.

Part 1. Introductions

Well, it has clearly been quite a while since my last post. oopsies on that one. Well for those of you that are not already aware... I bought a new car! He is a lovely little guy and his name is Pascal. Very quickly - meet Pascal. You two go ahead and get better acquainted...

isn't he such a babe?!

Oh yes, of course. Are you wondering how he got his lovely little name?!  Has anyone seen Tangled?! Yup. That's where I got the name. That sweet little chameleon - 

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for sweet little creatures like him. They are the little creatures in family movies that don't actually talk, but you feel like you know them so well just based on their wee little animal sounds and facial expressions. Like Pip from Enchanted.

Anywho - now you have met my new car Pascal. However, introducing you to Pascal is only the first part of this post. Enter second part....

Part 2. Pascal's first bath - and the aftermath. 

As with any road trip - Pascal got very dirty after his first trek to San Diego (my topic for my next blog post). So me being the sweet mommy that I am I took him to the car wash for his very first bath. It was a special moment for both of us really. Sweet  Pascal getting scrubbed inside and out and then being all nice and shiny for me when he came out. We drove out of that parking lot happy as can be! I took him home and parked him right in his favorite spot in my driveway and he had a peaceful night. 

This morning I go to hop in Pascal to get myself a movie for my day at home sick on the couch - what do I find? An enormous amount of bird poop all over Pascal

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and a massive number 9 right in the middle

don't forget to take a look at the two large plops on the roof...

Now riddle me this - how did those birds manage to have such impeccable aim as they flew over sweet and innocent Pascal...?! Because let me tell you this - there is absolutely nowhere for those birdies to perch themselves. No trees, roofs, telephone wires, lamp posts - N O T H I N G

That's just my luck though friends. There is nothing surprising about it really. but I guess my next question would be - do those 48 hour rain check policies at car washes cover bird poop rain too...?!