Friday, August 6, 2010

Birth Control?

I am an office assistant. Well, I was an office assistant but my job has morphed into a sort of nanny/office assistant/personal assistant miracle worker. Okay, not really the miracle worker part – but all of the other titles are accurate. My lovely boss, Jenny, and her husband just recently celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary last weekend. Because of the special occasion, Jenny and Malcolm decided they deserved a little night to themselves! Well, what would they do with their 4 rambunctious boys?! Naturally, I would take care of that.

It is Saturday afternoon at about 3 pm as my dad drops me off at the Busby home (yes, he dropped me off because my car was broken. Duh). I arrive at the house and find that Jenny and Malcolm are still preparing to leave while trying to make sure the boys are all set for the next 24 hours. Gage wants to go to Sun Splash, Corey wants to do what all 15 year old boys want to do – just go off with his friends, Garrett wants to see a movie with his friend who actually had to go home, and Brody is just peacefully upstairs trying to decide what shirt to wear. Finally, the parents and Corey leave. Down to 3 – Brody (14), Garrett (11) and Gage (9).

The rest of the night was as follows:
Dave and Busters
Just Sports
Cold Stone (with a few fits and many punches thrown)
Car ride home – “101.5. 98.3. TURN IT UP! NOOO CHANGE IT! 104.7. 20 XM. 101.5. NO. 98.3. no 101.5”
Heard the eff word on 101.5 while the volume was at its highest – disappointing
Return home
Card Games
2 boys asleep on the couch, one in a bed with the dog and the other in his room with the TV on

The next morning was as follows:
Wake the boys up at 6:30
Breakfast burritos for the boys
Sacrament meeting at 8:00 (we weren’t just on time – we were about 10 minutes early baby)
Gage bears his testimony – FIRST
Gage farts on Corey during other testimony
Gage comes into nursery to “check on me” 6 times
Return home
“Saaaarrrrraaaaaa….I’m huuunnnngry”
More breakfast burritos and bagel bites
Movie time
Lots and lots of wrestling
Brody makes his homemade donuts – smoke fills the house
Gage makes cinnamon rolls
Gage cuts hair off Lucky’s tail and throws it in my face
More wrestling
Punching and yelling
Video games
I sneak away upstairs to lay down
Wrestling on top of me and in my face
Gage farts right in my face
Finally….we all fall asleep
I wake up
Two boys peacefully asleep by my side – who even thought they could look so tranquil?!
Finally – the parents are home.

Job well done. Exhausting. Wild. Out of control. But, so fun. So great. So precious. Again, exhausting. Out of control. Their mom says they are my greatest form of birth control right now… I think she just may be right about that.


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  2. HAHAHahahah!! This was awesome. Great job! I'm glad you survived!!!
    I'm in the nursery at church. crrraazzzzzy children.

  3. HAAAHahahah I love boys :)

    you're officially hired as my nanny.
    you can start Monday.

  4. bahahahahahahahahahaha. wow. smelly boys and their adventures. glad you were along for the ride and may your car windows work well to air out the stank. love you!