Saturday, January 30, 2010


I often joke about how unlucky I am. That the craziest things happen to me because of my bad luck. But in reality, I consider myself to be incredibly lucky. I'm not saying I'm going to go buy some lottery tickets and throw down a grand on the black jack table because I feel so lucky. But I am lucky in the things that matter. I have a family that loves me. I have friends that I can count on. I have a roof over my head and shoes on my feetsies. But you know what else I have and I know I will never ever ever lose?

I have the truth. That truth being a knowledge of a Father in Heaven and a Savior: Jesus Christ. A restored Church. A living Prophet. These are gifts that are given freely to all, if you are willing to accept them. I have. And it is something I will forever be indebted for. But, you know what? I will work every single day of my life to pay that debt.

I just realized, I'm not even that lucky. What I really am is blessed. You are too...just look around and you'll see those blessings...I promise.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Papa Dell Protection Program

Do any of you ever get scared at night? Do you worry that someone is going to break in and steal your things? Or kidnap you? I used to fear such things. But now, what is there to fear? I live with my dad - he protects me.... Pah. I promised you a here you go!

Twas a casual night in the house of Dell. The lights were out, Dells were tucked into bed and sound asleep. Then, abruptly at 5:34 a.m. I recieve a phonecall from my father - his ring tone is "I should've been a cowboy" by Toby Keith. Clearly this can be a scary song to hear at such an hour. So there I am, infuriated at my father for calling me in the middle of the night while he is just down the hallway in his bedroom. What could merit such a phonecall?!

"Sara! Where are you?" is the first thing Papa Dell frantically asks me as I answer the phone. Clearly, I tell him that I am just in my bedroom TRYING to sleep. He then proceeds to tell me that he heard three taps on his window to the backyard and asks if I heard them. OF COURSE I didnt hear them! My room is nowhere near the backyard! I wonder if there is just a Raven, tap..tap..tapping on the door. But nah, not likely.

At this point, I am actually a little bit scared. But have no fear, Papa Dell proceeds to tell me "Okay. I'm gonna check the house. ......and I'm gonna have a gun".

A gun?!! My father is going to prance around the house checking for intruders with a GUN?! He is 107 years old...what is he going to do?! So, I continue to lay in my bed staring into the pitch black darkness just hoping that there was just a Raven at the window tap..tap..tapping.

Then my door creaks open, and all I see are my father's hands slowly making their way into my bedroom - his G-phone flashlight application shining into my eyeballs from one hand, and in the other his gun is pointed to the air. Finally, he pokes his head in and tells me its all clear. Then he lets his guard down and walks all the way into my room and what is he wearing?! Nothin but his knickers. Ay ay ayyy!

But now you can understand why I have no need to fear the night. No need to fear intruders or kidnappers. All is well with Pape Dell Protection Program on 24 hour alert.

How we met.

If I was married, this would be the post where I wrote all about my passionate love for my husband, how we met, how he proposed, and all those elaborate mushy details. But hey! Good thing I'm not married, or else I would be really awkward writing about all of that.

However, there is a special someone in my life. Someone that I fall asleep next to every night, and someone I wake up to every morning. He listens to me when I have problems, and he is so understanding. And most importantly, he never talks back or gives me any attitude. His name? Wow, don't rush me. I'll tell the story the way I want to. He has dark features, athletic build, and dark eyes that can just pierce through your soul. Ya, he is younger than me, but age is just a number, right? But sometimes things get awkward. He is really clingy and always needs my attention. He gets so jealous when I talk to other guys, even when I just talk to my friends. Sometimes he wants to cuddle and I am not in the mood at all! He demands so much of my time, and I always have to feed him. I mean, I guess I new this was coming when I bought him, but still. Puppies can be so demanding! But we get by - I just love him so much. And he loves me. I'm such a lucky girl.

Oh ya, his name you ask? Nash. Nashykins Waddell.

Anywho, enough about that. I get so uncomfortable when I talk about my feelings. I bet it makes you a little uncomfortable too. Enough is enough. Let me tell you a few little tid bits of information. I feel like this is going to be vital to our future relationship. I can't just tell you all my stories on our second blog date without letting you get to know me first. I'm a respectable young lady!

I come from the seed of Roy and Susan Waddell. Fantastic people if you must know. I'd like to say they are the cool parents that all the neighbor kids like to kick it with. There is a little sister as well. But she could beat me up, and she could beat you up too. Well, you would think that, but she wouldn't do that to you. Its awkward when my friends come over and just want to cuddle with Julie instead of hang out with me. It's even worse when they don't even want to come inside if my dad isn't home. ....Thanks homies. I have a big bro too. He is kind of like my idol and is the best member of our family.

I love the beach. Especially when I go to the beach and my friends hop on a jetski with a stranger and don't come back for 45 minutes. I love going out to dinner. I love brownies. I know, I already said that but you need to understand it. It's important to me, and I think it should be important to you as well. I love movies and I love going to the movies. One time I went to the movies and laughed so hard that I spit my soda allll over the girl in front of me. Oh, I love purple! I love it so much that I was not only willing but extremely eager to be the purple GAY telletubbie for Halloween one year. I love friends. One more thing I love - pictures.

I hate mushrooms. I hadn't really even tried a mushroom until a couple weeks ago, but they've always grossed me out. My friend talked me into trying one the other day, and my fears were confirmed - I hate them. I also don't like it when people confuse your and you're. That bugs me. I don't like to wake up early. I'll do it if I have to though. I don't like weird textured foods. I don't like dishonesty - but who does?! I don't like traffic. In fact, I loathe traffic. I also loathe the Lakers. Ew. Gross. But let us not dwell too much on these things. They aren't as important.

Are you bored yet? I sure hope not. Tomorrow I will have a story for you. Pinky promise...

I feel like blogs are only for married people...

I am not sure if it is appropriate for me to be staring a blog at 1:21 a.m. the night before classes start for the semester. I mean sure, I don't even have class tomorrow. But is this the best time for me to get addicted to a blog? I never really even read these things anyways, what gives me the right to start my own? Uh it going to be awkward when nobody reads this? I mean I'm not even married, is it even socially acceptable for me to make a blog?

I feel a lot of pressure right now. Pressure to say something interesting. Or intelligent. Or wity. Maybe funny or motivational. I am going to just end this first entry until something more exciting comes along.... but I suppose really quickly I'll tell you why I even starting this blog.
I have a lovely little friend name Catlin "Cat-Attack" Nord. Any of you that are reading this and have blogs of your own, I promise you she has read yours. Call it an addiction, or maybe just an obsessive hobby, she is a blog stalker. Its not a bad thing, it really isn't. But on several occasions she has expressed her desires for me to start a blog. This is reason number one.

Reason number two. Well, as all of you would assume, I have a father. And as many of you know, I have a father that brings much joy and excitement (and much chaos) into my life. His lifestyle and just overall character provides countless hours of entertainment for all that know him, and for many that have never even met him. Oh here, this picture sums up our relationship quite nicely...

I have a little inkling that there will be many a stories throughout this blog involving this man formally known as Papa Dell. Remember his face, for he will bring you much joy.
Reason number three. My life consists of a string of odd events and occurences. I will give you a few examples. One time I got pulled over by a bike cop. NO not a motorcylce cop, a cop on a BICYCLE. There was also the time I ran out of gas in the institute parking lot and had to push my car across the lot by myself. Oh and there was the time some kid chopped my bangs off in high school so I had a little spiked hair situation going on for a month. Theres also the fact that the blinds in my bedroom aren't even blinds at all...but are in fact cardboard boxes finnagled against my window to keep people from sneakin a peak into my living space. And I will never ever forget the random prisoner that wrote me letters and we formed a special little bond - his name was Cheez Wizard. (Mind you, the "z" should actually be a hybrid between a Z and a $...use your imagination). That's the peak of my existence really. There aren't a lot of girls my age that can say they had a prison pen pal that was such a fantastic combination of charisma and gangster all in one... that I think about it, I have a few good stories I can tell to get things started. Next time though. Maybe this will keep you coming back for more, eh? But don't you worry, this is only the beginning of stories of dell.