Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, I just wanted to let you guys know what has been going on lately. I dropped my phone the other day - got an even bigger crack across the screen than the first big drop. Then a few days later I dropped it again. Then a few hours later it just stopped working. It was pathetic that I was having withdrawals from my phone. I just got my new one in the mail this evening. 50 bucks later and the insurance company sends me a new one...I lasted a whole 60 or so hours without my phone. Then I go to plug in my replacement phone...what do ya know! It wont even charge. So much for that... I am still somewhat phone less. 

Did I tell you my car window doesn't roll up or down? Thats been going on for a while now - but I wasn't sure if you knew. My dad taped it up for me so now I don't randomly have to attempt to wedge it into place with my palms while driving down the freeway. Oh and my radio stopped working. It actually doesn't even turn on. While driving around town I am just left with my thoughts...which aren't always the best things to be left alone with... but we get by alright. 

I had a dream I had the ability to control spirits and stuff. I could make people morph into animals. It was pretty intense...and kind of scary. 

I was doing my friends a favor and climbing up on the freezer at the grocery store to check out the flavors on the top shelf...and then they shoved me in and closed the door behind me. Yes, I was inside the freezer in the ice cream aisle...jealous?

Julie's birthday was today. We went to dinner the day before. I drove to three different Dairy Queens to find the right size birthday cake then took it to the restaurant so they could put it in their freezer and it would be a complete surprise when they busted it out with candles after dinner. I go home to get ready for dinner and Julie walks in and shouts "Sara, look what I got!!" ....she bought herself a birthday cake. Cool. Way to ruin the surprise and my life. 

My cousin tried to steal my ipod. I thought it was safe when I left it at my uncles...two weeks later I go to retrieve it before our road trip to cal only to find that it had been stolen, the music replaced, then it was un stolen, and the music was wiped and returned to me de-musiced and de-cased. Standard. 

I spilled an entire bag of reeses pieces in my wasn't the worst part of my week, but it also wasn't my best. 

Thats enough for now...I don't want you to start feeling bad for me or something ridiculous like that...


  1. Sounds like you need more ice cream. That's the only fix for ridiculousness such as these last few days for you. Is your replacement replacement working??

  2. I love that I knew almost all these updates....gosh, I miss you

  3. Please control my spirit... i wanna be a bird