Monday, September 13, 2010

duty, call of.

I discovered a new passion of mine -Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Okay, I don't really enjoy playing Call of Duty...but I like to watch it being played. And more importantly, I enjoy wearing the headphones while Willy plays.

Why do I enjoy wearing those uncomfortable little headphones?! 

Let me tell you...
 - People get so incredibly angry when they get killed or lose. Call me crazy, but I think people shouting obscenities and ridiculous things is hilarious.
 - Willy is really good at it, so they all think they are getting beat by me - a girl.
 - For some reason, they think I am the hottest thing since Pam Anderson because I am supposedly really really bomb at this ridiculous video game.
 - A little too often than I expected, we came across what I liked to call a "Justin Beiber" player. This entails a boy probably about the age of 12 that thinks he is the sexiest and best thing that ever happened to the world. Those little guys say things they should not be saying at that young age...and they are a little bit mean and hurtful.
 - One guy started calling me "sweetheart" and "baby cakes".
 - That same guy proceeded to ask me if I had a phone..then asked for my he could send me a picture of himself. ....don't worry! I didn't give it to him...sheesh. 
 - By the end of the night, Willy had about 8 friend requests and 2 messages from other Call of Duty player boys.

And the number one reason...
- Part of the magic of those headphones is they also have a little microphone...which means I can talk to them as well. And ya, maybe some of that talking included telling them how much they suck when they lost and how they were big babies because they were getting beat by a girl. And ya, maybe my words got them a little riled up and made things that much more entertaining for is what it is! :)

***Disclaimer - Call of Duty is not for the sensitive or easily hurt person. Call of Duty players may have extremely foul mouths and say ridiculous things. Only play Call of Duty Live via XBOX if you can handle such treatment. 


  1. hahaha we used to take turns wearing the headset in highschool while our guy-friends played halo. I remember Britany wearing them once and one of the players was like "give the headset back to your boyfriend sweetheart."

  2. Hahahaha oh do I remember that, Caley. Nothing more fun than talking to a bunch of random teenage boys on a headset!