Monday, November 22, 2010

im out.

Well, I am headin out of here! I leave in the morning for a lovely 8 day trip on the east coat. I fly into Boston tomorrow and spend a couple days in Massachusetts with my mom and sister, and Wednesday morning we shall make our way down to Washington D.C. to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I am incredible excited for this little getaway - however I am getting anxiety about having to take Nash on his journey to live with mom in Massachusetts. I just tried cramming him into his little travel case I bought at Wal-mart the other day and that wasn't going over so well. He may not even fit very well - and he has never been in a kennel in his entire life. I have a feeling this isn't going to work... uh oh..

Regardless, I cannot wait to be on the east coast, visit DC again and take tons of pictures of all the incredible sights. Perhaps I shall even have some spare time to sit in my sweats by a fireplace and really do some legit updating of this blog... :)

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  1. Oh man!!!! How did it go with him??? We flew from DC to Phoenix with our new kitten, Montgomery last week! I was a NERVOUS WRECK about him having to be in his carrier for so long on the airplane, but honestly, it went so much better than I thought!! He slept most of the way, and I was able to stick my hand in and pet him while he was scared and crying during take-off.
    HAVE A GREAT TIME IN DC!!!! When do you come back?