Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in a Sacrament Meeting at the Westchester Care Center - pretty much an old people's home. We do this once a month, and every time my heart is filled with love as I briefly speak with each of the sweet little old ladies that we roll into the small, humble chapel to partake of the Sacrament. Today, as I was sitting in the chapel waiting for our service to begin, I was just soaking in the whole situation. The three old ladies that don't really speak English so they mumble to each other in Spanish and one randomly blows kisses at me every couple minutes. Then there is the woman falling asleep in her wheel chair, just chillin. As I make my way down the row of the six or seven woman, I focus on the final two. And as I am watching them, one woman reaches her arm out to the other and says "I love you." 

I don't know what exactly t was, but I think it was just the way this old woman held her friends arm and looked into her eyes and genuinely said those three words. Her heart was so pure and full of genuine Christlike love. It made my heart hurt and yearn for that feeling of love. That is the love the Christ feels for us and this sweet old lady exemplified it so powerfully. It was such a tender moment and made my Sunday!

I always notice the pure innocence of children as they are much closer to the Savior and His love. Just as children, the elderly are so full of wisdom and pure, Christlike love. I am grateful for the opportunity to see these people once a month and to feel of the Spirit they possess - I so often take it for granted! And...honestly,,,they are just so dang cute!! :)

I took this picture a few years ago, but thinking of those old ladies today reminded me of these precious women enjoying a delicious lunch together on the beach in California. Oh the beauty of best friends!

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  1. i loved going to westchester. even though old people kind of make me uncomfortable...

    jason's gram stayed with us a couple days last week. she has dementia so she's kind of like a little kid in an old person's body. We always ask her to say the prayer because her prayers are far more genuine and humble than anyone else's.