Monday, January 17, 2011

the pogo stick incident.

It's the middle of the afternoon and naturally, I am taking a nap in my bed. 
The door bell rings. 
Brody comes in my room. 

Gage fell off the pogo stick. He is hurt.

I find myself slightly worried or something for my little Gagey -
 a relatively foreign emotion for me.
I make my way down the street of the neighborhood...
slightly ashamed because I am in pajamas with wet hair.
everyone in Gilbert is always so glam...
except for me. oops. 
I find Gage laying on the side walk clutching his arm.
A pool of tears below his sad little cheeks.

Gage, what happened buddy?

He glances back to his friends, Someone...tell her what happened. 

No Gagey, you tell me what happened. 

I fell off the pogo stick and hit my arm really bad.

Okay buddy, lets see. Come on, get up and lets go home.

I cant.

Did you break your legs?


Okay, then you can walk...


So, now we walk back to the house. His elbow is scratched from the sidewalk and it is a little bit red.
However, he is clutching it as if it is about to fall never know - it just may.

Okay Gagey, go and sit in my bed and lets put some ice on it. 

I walk to the kitchen and grab a bag of frozen fruit. 
I come back in my room, he is curled up in my bed under the covers watching football highlights on my ipod.
Oh, look real comfy there Gage..

Okay buddy, lets put this under your arm. 

He weakly lifts his little arm as I place the frozen fruit under it.
Maybe ten minutes goes by...

Gage says Okay, I think this is good. 

Yes yes of course. Let me get that for you bud.
Umm, can you put this on it for me?

Out of nowhere, Gage hands me an enormous ace bandage. 

Oh yes absolutely bud, good idea..this will help keep the swelling down.

I wrap that tiny little arm of his in the enormous ace bandage. 
30 minutes goes by...

Well, my arm feels better already. I dont even think I need this anymore.

I take the ace bandage off.

...good as new little guy. good. as. new.

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  1. THIS is why i love little boys. So precious. So resilient.