Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day Eight: Recognize His Voice

The Invitation - Read the parable of the Good Shepard in John 10:1-18.

The Journey - Think about how you have learned to recognize His voice. Make a list of moments you have heard that voice and heeded call. Find one way to "hear" His voice today.

Today was a bit chaotic. Little sleep and my first day of work. Basically, it was a perfect day for me to listen for the Lords familiar voice. As I reflect back on some experiences where I have heard that voice, I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for those moments. There have been some truly powerful and sacred experiences for me in which I know that my Heavenly Father was speaking very specifically to me about very important things! It was such a powerful experience, I actually doubted it for quite a while. But the more familiar I become with His voice, the more I have faith in the things I hear.

It is so important to know God and the Savior so we can recognize their voices Throughout this day I tried to do just this. Today it was a little bit easier for me because I received a priesthood blessing today and through that power and authority I was able to hear direct guidance and direction from Heavenly Father. However, He speaks to us every single day, we just have to make the effort to listen to Him. The only way to hear Him is to live worthily and maintain the presence of the Spirit and listen for His voice. He is always speaking to us, but are we always listening?

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