Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day One: Come and See

The Invitation: Read Mark 1:16-18 and John 1:38-39
The Journey: Determine what fills your net. Are everyday challenges and feelings of inadequacy holding you back from developing a relationship with Christ? TODAY try to listen for the quiet invitations from the Lord to come and see.

What fills my net? Well, first, what does this really mean? As I thought about this today, I came up with my own interpretation of what it means. Well first, I remember that some of the men Christ called to follow Him were fishermen. They would cast their nets into the ocean to bring back fish. Then, Christ called them to be "fishers of men". So now, they must cast their net into the world and bring back men. They once brought fish to sell to those in need. But now, these men were called to being men back unto Christ and to return those children to live with their Father in Heaven. They were being called to follow Christ, and bring His children unto Him.

So, with that in mind, what fills my net? In other words, what am I bringing back to Christ? What do I have to offer Him? So far, I believe I have started to fill my net. It is not yet overflowing, but its contents are growing. I know that I have helped return some of god's children to Him. I have shared my testimony with countless individuals, hoping that it has brought just one of them closer to their Father in Heave. My net is not empty, but it surely is not full.

And next, what is holding me back from Him? This was an extremely hard thing to think about today. I think about where I stand right now, and I would say I am doing pretty well. My faith is strong, my testimony is powerful and increasing each day. I am happy and I am in a extremely good place. Yet I am far from perfect, and I know that I am filled with imperfections and blemishes that will prevent me from even greater blessings. There are prideful thoughts, the occasional judgement on others, procrastination, laziness, and countless other imperfections. Yet I am trying; earnestly trying to grow and be more like Him. I am squeezing my eyes shut, crinkling my nose, and straining my ears to hear the whisperings of the Lord; his quiet invitations.

As I reflect upon what I have heard, I realize it is a simple invitation. He is inviting me to just come, to take the steps toward Him. Align my heart with His; align my desires with His. It is time to let His will guide me. "Let your heart be pure", "Follow me", "Humble yourself, "Prepare yourself", "and believe". Those are His whisperings, these are my invitations. I know I must rid myself of those menial imperfections that prevent me from growing closer to Him. When I empty my net before Him, I pray that I will have much to offer. I do not want to present Him with things of the world, but offerings of service, love, worship, devotion and every other good and Christlike thing.

Today, I have heard His invitation, I am willing to receive it, and most importantly I am ready to step forward and walk towards Him, to walk with Him. Today has been yet another reminder that He lives, He loves me, and He is waiting for me. He is real, and I want nothing more than to know Him.

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