Monday, February 1, 2010

Twenty One Days Closer to Christ - The Invitation

"If with all your hearts you truly seek me, Ye shall ever surely find me."

Throughout these next 21 days, I plan to grow closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ, than I ever have before. Each day along this 21 day journey towards the Savior will include a new invitation to grow closer to Him and to strive to learn more of His endless love. Each daily activity has three aspects: a theme, an invitation, and a journey. All of these activites are designed to bring one closer to the Savior and to strengthen one's individual testimony. A tesimony needs constant nourishment and care. It needs to be fed and srengthened each and every day. I know my testimony needs this constant growth, and I am eager to strengthen it throughout this activity.

Christina Hatton ( and I have decided to do this together, and more importantly, to document our journey on each of our blogs. This is an extremely new and somewhat scary thing for both of us to do. Despite our obvious openess and ease to share our lives' stories with others, it is difficult for us to open up spiritually to others. I, personally, struggle with this. I do not hesitate to make my beliefs known. I am not afraid to bear my testimony boldy and with much conviction. However, I greatly struggle with sharing the intimate, precious and beautiful spiritual truths I know exist. I am more hesitant to share the spiritual experiences that have led me to be sure of such truths. Although I am constantly overflowing with love and powerful emotion for the things I know to be true, I am never comfortable sharing them with others. I deeply desire the ability to share such experiences, because it is those experiences that exemplify faith and the love of God. I have felt the inspiration of others, and I only wish to inspire others.

By documenting my journey to grow closer to Christ throughout these next three weeks, I am hoping to gain the ability to open my heart to others. I hope that as I grow closer to the Savior, I will allow myself to grow closer to others and allow others to grow closer to me. But more importantly, I pray that the things I learn and the experiences I have can teach and inspire others. I pray that as I grow closer to the Savior, others will have the desire to do the same thing; even if it is just one single person.

Tomorrow I will record the first day of my journey. I invite you to journey with me, to take steps forward towards Jesus Christ. Allow yourself to feel more strongly of His love. He is not only my Savior, but He is your Savior. He is the Savior of the world, the Only Begotten Son of God, the Great Redeemer, the Prince of Peace. He is eternal and His love has no end. He will never give up on you and will always be waiting for you...but you must go to Him. You must make that journey and seek Him, and as you do so, you will find Him.


  1. fantastic sara. you're an inspiration to many, and this journey you and Christina are about to take will touch many other people, i know it! you're a doll. love you.

  2. I love how you write and express yourself and your testimony! You are such an example to me Sawa I love you!!!!!!

  3. I love this! So beautifully expressed and such a beautiful purpose! :) You are amazing! Love you.

  4. AMAZING! Sara grace, that is what you are. You are such a good example to others.

  5. Dear Sara,

    You do alot of good things without knowing it.
    You lead in a way you have never given yourself credit.
    You build people in a way that no one else can.

    Always remember that you will be given experiences sometimes for the sole purpose of sharing it with others.

    You will love what you have learned but as you share it, it becomes another witness of your experience. As people heed your thoughtfulness, it will truly play a role in their life.

    I know this to be true for you, for me, and all those that live as my mission president encourages:

    "Be comfortable out of your comfort zone."

    My love for you is based off so many principles of this 21 day journey.

    watch out for the thorns on the path and remember, those thorns are what makes your path yours!

    Your Sister