Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day Two: Take His Name

The Invitation: Read the account of the Last supper in John 13:4 - 15.
The Journey: As you go through this day, find ways that you can bring honor to Christ's name by letting the walk of your life exemplify Him. On this day, try to remember Him always.

This was a pretty difficult invitation - difficult because it was just very difficult to understand. When I read this account in the scriptures, I've always focused on verse 16. But this time I focused mainly on verses 13 - 15. He says we call Him Master and Lord; but what does it really mean for Him to be our Master and our Lord? Well, as our Master, He has given us an example. In this instance, He has washed the feet of His disciples. The Only Begotten Son of God washed the feet of imperfect, mortal men! That is pure humility, love, rightousness, service, charity, and so much more. Their Master turned to them and treated them with the pure love of God - the love God gives freely to all men.

When I waas baptized, I took upon myself the name of Christ. I promised to follow Him. Today was a day to focus on honoring Him and His name. This is something I strive to do always; each and every day. But, as so many of us often do, I tend to allow the day to day worries of life to distract me from this. I am not always successful and honoring His name as there are times when contention, anger, pride, jealousy, or other things halt me from fully exemplifying Christ. Honestly, I struggled to focus on this throughout the entire day. There was a stressful hour that stole the peace from my heart. But thankfully, I reclaimed my peace and found joy in dinner and precious time spent with friends. I found peace in gospel centered discussions and the opportunity to learn from a friend. A friend with so much knowledge, wisdom, and passion for the truth of the gospel that I am in awe each day because of it.

Today I remembered Christ by helping and comforting a friend in need. I prayed to Christ. I discussed Him, His teachings, His doctrine. I studied His words. I lived as He would have me live - and right now, that is the best way I know how to honor Him and His name.

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