Sunday, February 21, 2010

I joined the choir.

Yes. That is correct - I joined the choir! The choir in my ward. We are singing at Stake Conference next week so I felt like contributing my beautiful singing voice to my fellow church members. In reality, I sing a few words here and there and definitely lip sync on the really high notes. ha, thats okay right?! As long as the rest of the crew doesn't do the same...we should be fine. I'm really just there as a moralle booster. I know, I am such a great person. Stop! Im blushing!! haha just kidding!!!!! :)

Friday night was Ashley's bachelorette party. I am so grateful for being Mormon. There is no intense, out of control situation that would lead to a rough morning and a lot of sickness and just yucky stuff. Instead, we get to have yummy sushi dinners and go on creative scavenger hunts on Mill. Activities are just so much more creative when you're Mormon. haha Then we went to the Buttes for a little bonding and such and that was HILARIOUS. Brookie is the bestest maid of honor ever because she had the room allllll decked out with cute stuff. SO MUCH FUN! I just can't to have my own bachelorette party and disneyland!!! :) Can I be next?!! haha Now I just need a man....oopsies.


  1. Good for you for joining the choir. We did too....Collin ACTUALLY sings, and I kind of just do my best. It's fun though!

  2. i love that we sing in choir together!! :) I lip synch to the high notes too. it's ok.

    i had so much fun with you at the buttes. is it bad that i HAVE to say BUTTes when i refer to that place? it's sort of necessarily hilarious.