Wednesday, February 2, 2011

things I like...and don't like

I like when..

"my kids" are being good boys.
my worst boy, Garrett, all of a sudden becomes my best
my ipod is on shuffle and the spanish version of hero by Enrique comes on
I get to write something on my desk calendar
I cross something off of my todo list...even if its an extremely tedious thing that probably shouldn't have been on my list to begin with
Gage says "I love you" to me when I drop him off at Scouts
I get new shoes
the weather is like this...sort of

I don't like when...

I go to Chick Fil A and they are out of Chick Fil A sauce
when I realize I put my yogurtland in the fridge and not the freezer
my room is freezing cold in the morning
I drop my phone at least twice a day list of don't likes is shorter than my list of likes...

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