Monday, February 28, 2011

i need pants.

It's Saturday morning.
7:43 am.
Gage taps on my door
(that I always keep locked)
I roll off my bed to open it up
hey gagey.
whats up
nothing. sleepin. im really tired.
ya, me too.
I'm all back curled into my bed within seconds of opening the door
I assume Gagey just wants to grab something
perhaps some of my socks
or maybe he left his shoes in here last night
there is a tug on my comforter
Gage is climbing into my bed
scooting under the covers
he is the big spoon now
arms wrapped around me
my sweet little cuddle bug

oh shoot.
I am instantly awkward.
I was so tired last night.
I threw on an XXL tall tee
no pants.
Gage is the big spoon.
I have no pants on.

Let's just say that'll be the last time that happens.
I can lock my door all I want.
But I'm not even safe in my own room with no pants.

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  1. I just read this post...again...and laughed out loud...again.