Thursday, March 17, 2011

delightful reunion

This past weekend I partook of a journey... a journey to California to spend the weekend with my bestest friends in the whole wide world:

Yup, that sums it up right there. ha

The weekend was filled with all sorts of frivolity and happiness. It included a LOT of baby loving. Basically, we just hovered over those little angels and all turned into really really crazy and smothering aunties... in all the right ways. 

 Logan just started eating peas... and he really really seems to enjoy them. Aunties Cat and Tiff fed him in the back of the car on our drive to Cal. Aunties got a little bit messy, but I would say it was a huge success.

 Blythe Rivers Hatton - wow. Is this girl beautiful or what?! Yes, this is now the background of my phone and I find myself staring at it all too often. 

 Look at that face?! Isn't he just so yummy! 

My little baby B just loved for me to help her fly in the air... we all believed it was because she felt so safe in my monstrous man hands. 

 I feel like I learned a lot this weekend - but the number one thing is that I absolutely positively LOVE being an Auntie!! I am gonna be honest, I think the other girls were a bit surprised at my ability to handle an infant. Let's just say I look good with a baby on my hip...

...did I say a baby. Oops, I meant two babies. twins in the future...? haha

A vacation with two babies was a very different sort of experience for us - however it was a delightful change. We spent a good amount of time fantasizing about our future family vacations that we will be taking once a year. Us five girls - husbands (future husbands) and babies (lots and lots of future babies) in tow - will be traveling all over the place and making all of our dreams come true. Whether it is a road trip to San Diego or a DISNEY CRUISE, we will rock the socks off of those vacations.

Here are just a few more little picture moments to help you see a little more into our weekend getaway...

we can't forget about jayshady09... our greatest photographer ever

ugh, I can't get over it - and I am sure you get the point:

I have the best. friends. ever


  1. These are so CUTE!!!!! You guys are awesome.

  2. i love us!!!! i love this!! and you DO NOT HAVE MAN HANDS!!! cant wait till you have twins some day down the road. you will be so cute. i think you will be like a young j lo lol