Thursday, February 24, 2011


Did I tell you I had two gerbils?
Well, I had one, and my sister Julie had the other.
Chewy was mine. Black Beauty was hers.
Chewy had to live in a fish tank.
Well, look at that name of his.
He chewed through everything.
Plastic tubes. Those running sphere thingys. Nothing could stop him.
One time he escaped - he was gone for 3 days.
I found him behind the freezer.
Chewy!! Your'e alive!
He bit my hand so hard.
Blood...everywhere. Thanks lil' guy.
Then we got that fish tank.
No more breaking out of that sucker.
His "toys" were wooden blocks.
He probably ate one a week.
It was freaky.
Eventually he died.
Probably from wood overdose.

Black Beauty.
She was black - clearly.
Nothing too great about this lil rodent.
One day she was just chillin in the doll house.
Moments later she collapsed at the top of the stairs.
Later Black Beauty.
That was the end for her.

I'm glad I shared this with you.
Gerbils are freaky.


  1. ha ha I am glad that I got to hear about your famous gerbils in person.

    Love little chewster.. love you.

  2. oh my gosh! my sister's demon gerbil used to eat through it's cage too!!!!
    They oughta put disclaimers on those little rodents..

  3. Hahahaha I just laughed out loud!!!