Tuesday, May 4, 2010

suga suga.

I'm going to get straight to the point...I gave up sugar. I just started yesterday, but its been about 48 hours. For any of you that know me well enough you know just how hard this is for me. But I am deeply determined to prove to myself that I am capable of having some self control for once in my life!! 

So, this means no more brownies or late night drumsticks with my dad. Every time I eat a meal, I crave dessert merely seconds after and lately I have become an addict...a yogurtland addict. I love this place so much, and even though most of the time I convince myself yogurtland is "healthy"...it still has sugar! 

This picture is going to have to satisfy my cravings for now. Except instead of raspberries and kiwis, pretend there are little yogurt chips and captain crunch on this bad boy and THATS what I'd be having. 


  1. Like I said last night.... Ocean Blue Yogurt is safe for diabetics, because it contains almost no sugar! Well, atleast real sugar.... It's so delicious!!!!! And it would be sara friendly. I vote we atleast give it a second try.... ;) Good for you for sticking to this tho... Sugar is no good for your body. It causes all kinds of real diseases. I'll stick to it with you :)

  2. Okay. do you really want to do this? I have been doing it for a while. And I have:
    1. Lost weight
    2. Gained more confidence.

    i did it to be the master of myself.
    I was the girl that went a whole year without buying clothes, but I'm also the girl that could eat frosting, from the container, with my finger, for breakfast.

    I figure we all have weaknesses and I'm grateful mine is something that makes so many people happy. It is used to celebrate as well.

    Yesterday I chewed 15 piece of LUSH flavored gum, yep the whole pack was gone, I spit it out and started again. But at the end of the day, I had not broken. I never chew gum, but I keep this sugarless gunk near me until I feel capable to just say no.

    I'm not a nazi, but I do cave in when no one does.

    Plus sugar makes me crazy:

    1. I get a headache when I don't eat it... a sign of addiction for me.

    remember for whatever reason you choose to do it...

    WRITE IT DOWN.. your reason

    for me,,


    i have forgotton what my own "thin" feels like..

    I wish I was there