Saturday, May 29, 2010

a letter to los suns.

Dear Suns:

I love you so much, I really do. Richardson, you were great out there the other day. That 3-pointer...wooo weee you almost gave me a heart attack. I'm sorry you guys lost on a fluke shot. I really am - that just isn't how things are supposed to go down. But you know what, you proved you can do some work in L.A. So tonight's the night. 

Steve - you are going to destroy them tonight. You always do... 
Stat - you really need to step it up and be the beast that I know you can be. 
Frye - I'm going to stay positive here and just tell you to drop those 3's like it ain't no thang. We both know you can, so just do it already. 
Grant - oh how I love you. 
Amundson - oh how I love your pony tail!! You just keep rockin it out there... 
Dragic my sweet sweet Dragic - I am starting to form quite a bit of a crush on you. Thanks for being such a baller back up point guard. We need you tonight; you really gotta lead the rest of your bench to just destroy them. 

And to the rest of you, just don't stop trying. Just play your absolute best and destroy them. Sometimes we can't completely stop Kobe, but we can do our best and we can definitely shut down the other losers that compose the lakers team. 

You guys got this, I know it. Lets just get this win at home and then I know we can dominate in L.A.

I love you, I really really do. 

Yours truly, 
Sara Grace

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