Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am filled with excitement right now. Excitement because I don't have to write another paper for a few months. And I don't have any more final exams to take. Excitement because Cat got her braces off! And excitement because many of my friends are graduating - notably Catlin, Tiffani, Craig Breinholt (yay for Kristin because she finally gets her husband all to herself!), and TroyBoy!! Congrats you guys! :)

I am also filled with excitement because I am going to the Gila Valley Temple Open House this evening with my mom, dad and a couple lovely friends. This will probably be the only opportunity my parents have to walk through the Temple walls and see what it looks like inside. I know that this is such an important experience for them as it will make things undoubtedly easier for them when I (someday) enter into the Temple to be sealed to my man! I am grateful that my mom just so happens to be in town during the times of the open house!! The Lord's plan is so intricate, and I know that it was part of His plan for my mom to be here during this time and given this incredible opportunity. 

Excitement is also what I feel for Kristin and Christina and their babies! I am soo excited for Kristin to find out if Baby B is a boy or a girl...and I am excited for Christina and AJ to wait until their baby is born to know if it is a boy or a girl! Either way, I pray every single day for you two and your beautiful babies and I can't wait to meet them! 

Ladies and gents, I am just excited for all of the endless possibilities out there!! Let's get to it...


  1. YAHOO!! Happy summer!!! I'm so excited for you to go to the temple with your family!! I wish I could be there to go through with my little brother.
    Have a wonderful time!!!
    Love, Nikki

  2. so many happy things :) this post made me smile. wish i could go to the open house tonight!!! have a wonderful time with your family.... it will no doubt be a special day. xoxo