Thursday, May 27, 2010

i can ride my bike with no handle bars.

Actually, I can't really ride my bike with no handle bars but I really wish I could. Honestly, I am just a little too nervous to try. But that song has a really catchy beat/tune and I felt it was a suitable title for tonights posting. The past few days I have become obsessed with bike rides. I mean I have enjoyed several beach cruisin sessions throughout the semester, but lately it has become a more common occurrence. And no matter how hot it gets this summer, I think they will continue to be a common occurrence. (...hopefully) Earlier this week we went on a bike ride from my house to AZ Mills...then decided to journey through the heart of Guadalupe, (when I told my dad this the next day he simply exclaimed "DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH?!!" haha I assure you, in broad is safe) then back to Tempe to grab some lunch by mi casa, and then home. Then yesterday we made a journey in another direction towards Deseret Book and Chandler Mall. Sure, it felt a little odd riding through the valet area by the food court to park my bike at the bike rack...but it was shweeeeet. And then today we went for a cruise over Tempe Town lake, and allllll over Tempe. The funniest thing is riding down Mill Ave on a Wednesday night in the summer time - because of course there are weird freaks all over the place. 

Bike rides make me a happy girl. I'm glad I have discovered how wonderful this is, such a vital summer activity. :)

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  1. Guadalupe for you would be safe any time. You speak Spanish now.