Friday, April 2, 2010

Tricks and morning treats.

I woke up this morning (note I woke up at 7:45 - 30 minutes earlier than I prefer to pretend to wake up) to find my precious Ford Focus Silver Bullet covered in Post-It notes.

I must commend the perpetrators for their patience and diligence with such a task. The sticky notes were placed so perfectly and meticulously upon my preious automobile.

Note the angles at which they were applied to my hood...

They also made sure to get a lil guy right there on the FORD logo.

Beautiful blue little guys were used on this specific section
along with the rear view mirrors.

Don't worry...I recycle.

Well, you dirty little tricksters. You're lucky Papa Dell was sound asleep when this all went down. Thank you for this fancy little morning treat. And thank you for exemplifying such patience as you perfectly placed each post-it note upon my car.

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