Thursday, April 15, 2010

just a few things I've been wondering about...

Why are some of the best tasting foods so bad for you?

Why does Nash pee on my things when he is mad at me? And why does he get mad at me?!

Am I the only one that gets slightly uncomfortable when I see two grown men on a motorcycle?

Is there an explanation for my horribly bad luck?

What is the name of God’s wife…our Mother in heaven?

Why do I continue to go to bed with wet hair when it looks so horrifying when I wake up in the morning?

Is baby Breinholt gonna be a boy or a girl?

And what about Baby Hatton?

When is my future husband going to figure his life out and find me so we can get married?

Even though my Grandma is 101 years old and can’t hear or speak too well, can she still think like a 20 year old?

Why does Disneyland make me so happy that I could cry?

When will my dad get blinds?

What in the WORLD is Nash thinking about all day?
and why is he so stinkin cute?!

Will there be food in the Celestial Kingdom? I know we don’t need it, but it brings so much joy to so many people...

Why did Max pee on my backpack when we were at the park?


  1. All i know is, there WILL be food, and if we're lucky, Tiff will have a hand in preparing it.

  2. I know, there's GOT TO BE FOOD! I hope Nachos.
    I like the way your brain thinks.

  3. im concerned.. there were more things on your list about dogs peeing on your stuff than things about me

  4. um the pictures of the babies are adorable and no matter what those will be our babies!! just in love or best friends, we are yet to find out. since i think i am having a boy and i bet she is having a girl things will work out grand :) and i bet your husband is closer than you think and do you know nash is mad when he pees, what if he is really happy?

  5. more disturbing than 2 men on a motorcycle- an overweight man with his butt-crack hanging out for everyone to see. I almost wrecked trying to take a pic of it