Thursday, April 7, 2011


Upon moving to my new casita, I discovered a nike shoe box titled "Sara's Memories". Inside this fancy little treasure chest was an array of different items. Among them a little gem titled: 


By: Sara Waddell
Mrs. Carson
Language Arts

Naturally, I skim through this little gem of poetry and find an absolutely incredible number on page 19. There were a number of pathetic spelling errors, so clearly I changed those to allow you readers to actually understand what I was trying to say. Anyways, it is as follows:

Tiffani and I
(Free Verse)

A long time ago I met a girl named Tiffani.
I met her at a basketball draft.
They were putting together girls 
That went to the same school, 
And we were in the same group.
And I remember saying to her:
"Hey! You go to Colina, don't you?"
So I ran over and told her to come sit in our group.
She was pretty shy at first, 
But then she lighted up.
We became really good friends.
We also had a great style
And brought some nice trends to the school!
Well not really.
Our style was original and unique.
We were kind-of tomboys in fourth grade,
But we grew out of it.
When we played our basketball games, 
We would put a gallon of gel on the top of our head,
So our ponytail would be nice and slick.
Now-a-days Tiffani and I dress normal, 
And we have normal hair.

Wow. That is really something isn't it?! Its obvious that I grew up to become an English major...and clearly no poem I have ever written or ever will write will top this one...


  1. hahahaha are you SERIOUS?! this is amazing. hahah!!!! serious talent there Sara!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahah. the best poem of all time.

  3. hahahahhahahaha oh gosh.
    i'm dying.
    I love the part about your ponytails.

  4. WOW! This is quite possibly the most amazing poem on earth. So perfectly worded. May i quote my favorite part? ..... "We also had a great style,And brought some nice trends to the school!
    Well not really." Classic. I am dying laughing.