Sunday, April 3, 2011


I feel like I have nothing to share - but I do. It just doesn't seem too entertaining, so let's just get this over with...

I moved. 
Back to Tempe. 
No more late night drives back to Gilbert = fantastic.
No more Busby boy time = tragic.
I'll miss those little boogers...
My new roomies:
Four lovely ladies in my ward!
I am transitioning from four boys to four girls...
I will keep you posted on that sitch.

I got a new job. 
A "real" job. 
The whole sha-bang.
Forty hours a week. 
Business casual. 
With casual Fridays.
Co-workers that are all older than me.
I like it though.
I feel accomplished when I come home from a "long day at work".

Kristin and I had our first official photoshoot for B&D Photography!!
So much fun - that's a fact.
For those of you that may be confused - 
The D stands for Dell.
Check out our website.
Catch you later this week...
I promise I will have a good story for you then. :)

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