Monday, March 15, 2010

What does Spring Break mean to you?

Many people would consider today to be the first official day of Spring Break. I would agree, but I often consider my freedom from the shackles and handcuffs of school to begin on Friday afternoon mere seconds after I leave my last class. Unfortunately, due to my lack of good fortune, I welcomed Spring Break with a surprise case of tonsilitis. Yes, tonsilitis. Thursday was a rough day that lead to an even rougher night. By Friday afternoon I was leaving the doctors office with my simply horrible diagnosis. Of course I started off my Spring Break right. It's my last one ever - so I may as well do this right. No quick flights to Cabo or hurried road trips to Rocky Pointe. No need to board a cruise ship or hit the slopes. I have been glued to my couch watching TiVo with my dad consuming only toast, top ramen, and sprite for the past few days.

But ladies and gentlemen, let the fun begin. Because I think today is the last day I am going to stay locked up in this casa. I'm ready to give Spring Break the welcome that it deserves....

...thats why I only cleaned my room today. And am going to work tomorrow morning. And have a Shakespeare paper to write. And another paper to write after that. Ya baby...thats what Spring Break means to me.

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  1. haha oh man!!! I'm sorry you were sick, and hope you are all better now! It's my spring break, too, but it's weird because I take school online, and work everyday this week. Plus my husband does too, so...BORING.

    Oh well. Maybe next year?