Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot dogs, nachos and gatorades.

Kristin and I have two of the coolest bosses in all of America. And luckily, they trust us to do all sorts of tasks. Tonight, one of those tasks was manning the concession stands at the Highland Baseball Tournament. Manning the concessions during the 4 to 8 shift is no walk in the park my friends. There is a point around 5:30 where there is just a fatty dinner rush. And lemme tell ya, that’s when the hotdogs go flyin out the window!

This is how it went down – I manned the window, took orders, and dealt with the cash flow. Kristin had the gloves on and stuffed hotdogs into buns, put pizza slices on plates, microwaved and salted pretzels, and various other food handling chores. Things got so wild in there that she actually tossed me Gatorades and waters as they triple backflipped through the air from her hand into mine. We were on fire.

During the dinner rush I’m pretty sure every team member made their way to our classy little establishment in between fields. We had around 20 hot dogs already cooked, wrapped and warming under the heat lamp. BAM. Five minutes later, theyre gone and we may or may not have served a coldish hot dog or two…until one lady came back and asked us to put it in the microwave for her.

Kristin's hotdog station...she wasn't about to run out of hotdogs again...

All I really have to say is that concession stands are a lot more complicated than I thought. I respect the workers and what they do. They provide delicious meals and treats for dedicated sports fans – and they do so in a friendly and efficient manner. So next time you take a walk to the nearest concession stand for a hotdog, nachos or crisp, cool water bottle – be grateful.

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  1. hahahahahhahahahahahaah this was the best post EVER!

    GREAT JOB!!!! I've been there. It's NOT easy! Phew!