Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I feel like blogs are only for married people...

I am not sure if it is appropriate for me to be staring a blog at 1:21 a.m. the night before classes start for the semester. I mean sure, I don't even have class tomorrow. But is this the best time for me to get addicted to a blog? I never really even read these things anyways, what gives me the right to start my own? Uh oh...is it going to be awkward when nobody reads this? I mean I'm not even married, is it even socially acceptable for me to make a blog?

I feel a lot of pressure right now. Pressure to say something interesting. Or intelligent. Or wity. Maybe funny or motivational. I am going to just end this first entry until something more exciting comes along.... but I suppose really quickly I'll tell you why I even starting this blog.
I have a lovely little friend name Catlin "Cat-Attack" Nord. Any of you that are reading this and have blogs of your own, I promise you she has read yours. Call it an addiction, or maybe just an obsessive hobby, she is a blog stalker. Its not a bad thing, it really isn't. But on several occasions she has expressed her desires for me to start a blog. This is reason number one.

Reason number two. Well, as all of you would assume, I have a father. And as many of you know, I have a father that brings much joy and excitement (and much chaos) into my life. His lifestyle and just overall character provides countless hours of entertainment for all that know him, and for many that have never even met him. Oh here, this picture sums up our relationship quite nicely...

I have a little inkling that there will be many a stories throughout this blog involving this man formally known as Papa Dell. Remember his face, for he will bring you much joy.
Reason number three. My life consists of a string of odd events and occurences. I will give you a few examples. One time I got pulled over by a bike cop. NO not a motorcylce cop, a cop on a BICYCLE. There was also the time I ran out of gas in the institute parking lot and had to push my car across the lot by myself. Oh and there was the time some kid chopped my bangs off in high school so I had a little spiked hair situation going on for a month. Theres also the fact that the blinds in my bedroom aren't even blinds at all...but are in fact cardboard boxes finnagled against my window to keep people from sneakin a peak into my living space. And I will never ever forget the random prisoner that wrote me letters and we formed a special little bond - his name was Cheez Wizard. (Mind you, the "z" should actually be a hybrid between a Z and a $...use your imagination). That's the peak of my existence really. There aren't a lot of girls my age that can say they had a prison pen pal that was such a fantastic combination of charisma and gangster all in one...

Wow...now that I think about it, I have a few good stories I can tell to get things started. Next time though. Maybe this will keep you coming back for more, eh? But don't you worry, this is only the beginning of stories of dell.


  1. cheez wizard....HAHA. all i can picture is this image: http://watchmojo.com/blogs/images/flavor-flav.jpg

    Love you Sara. I'll read your blog, even though you're not married. ;)

  2. OH MY HA HA.. This is going to be the best blog ever.. I can't wait for more stories. I am literally laughing out loud to my self. oh YES!

  3. i was laughing out loud too!! you have such voice when you write grace its you to the T and i love it. this is something im am going to look forward to reading every day or how ever often you blog. super stoked!